Order conditions


  • DeliCrafts guarantees an extremely qualitative product which is produced with selected materials.
  • As a result of the webshop there is the possibility to contact us and make arrangements to view products and taste them before placing orders (only B2B customer)
  • The offer on the webshop may differ as we are subject to the availability of raw materials for production, this will be reduced to a minimum by daily follow-up and modification of our page.
  • DeliCrafts takes all responsibility for the above-mentioned quality guarantees by means of selection / supervision of choice of materials and raw materials for the production, storage and handling of this high-quality product with a view to the craft and its art, till customer takes over the goods at the collection point provided.
  • Info and questions about the content of the products can be obtained by contact.
  • Prices are indicative and subject to the raw materials used, this will be monitored daily and adjusted on the web page if necessary.
  • ATTENTION !! DeliCrafts works with collection points where the purchased goods will be placed for collection. (Pick up)
  • Standard is delivered in bulk, this means sealed and packaged, suitable for transport (B2C and B2B), if one wishes a fully finished article (packaging) can be produced and chosen with a private label (B2B only), please contact us for detailed info.
  • Payment will always be cash and a prepayment if a fully finished item is produced under private label. (Guarantee)
  • Orders will be handled after confirmation of payment.
  • Assortment and compositions in order of the customer after arrangements with DeliCrafts.
  • All additional information and / or questions can be obtained via the contact form.


  • General conditions described apply.
  • B2C customers can order products per kg, there is no possibility to order per piece, the webshop is not provided for this and is set as standard.
  • B2C customers will be able to collect the goods at the agreed collection point in Belgium (two locations are able, near Antwerp or Limburg)
  • Determine the collection point by contacting admin@delicrafts.be
  • After order is completed it will take around four weeks for deliverance at the agree collection point (near Antwerp or near Limburg)
  • For more info please contact us via the contact details mentioned.


  • General conditions described apply.
  • B2B customers can place orders where a minimum exists.
  • The minimum order is one pallet, a pallet contains 300 kg of both chocolate or biscuits, a pallet can contain a mixed content, this according to agreement and order which will be confirmed by e-mail.
  • B2B customers enjoy a wholesale discount which is automatically set on the webshop when placing an order.
  • For this discount, the B2B customer must create a B2B account and place orders under this account.
  • DeliCrafts does not carry out transports, these are in-house management of the B2B customer.
  • From receipt of goods, the customer is responsible for the actions and conditions of the products supplied by DeliCrafts.
  • DeliCrafts will provide the goods at the production location which is located in Romania for collection (Belgium collection point able after agreement, extra costs will be charged by the transporter company)
  • After order is completed it will take four weeks for deliverance at the agree collection point.
  • For more info please contact us via the contact details mentioned.